Instant Western Photos Old Time / Western / Wanted Instant Photos:  

Old time photographs are wildly popular, and with our professional instant photography, there's no better way to capture the western moments of your party or event. First, our professional photographer will help your guests decide on a theme.  With a wide range of costumes, guests can dress up in classic & authentic western attire. After the photographs are taken, your guests can choose to put their image on a wanted poster, a deserted Western town, a stage coach or anything else they can possibly imagine. We can even have your guests pose with our "live" steer!

Our western photography team first makes sure that everyone is ready for his or her photos. If it means asking people to remove name badges, tucking in their shirts, or fixing their jackets, they will do so. After all, everyone wants a nice picture. (It drives us crazy when we see other photos with nametags still on).

We will then pose and take your guests picture utilizing our digital software. The picture can be seen on a monitor in seconds, and if the image doesn't look right (mouth open, eyes closed, etc.) we just take another picture. Our photos are printed using state of the art, and professional printers in less than a 30 seconds!

Western Instant Photos can be done with a full crew to get your guests dressed up in western gear. Photos are available in color, black & white and sepia tones


We customize our photos to match the theme of the event.

We have many examples you may view. These are just a few samples from recent events.

Western Instant Photography
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