Stuffed Bull & Longhorns:

 Leave your guests and clients cheering for more by booking our stuffed Bucking Bull for your next party or event. We provide props, backdrops, and of course, the Bull so your guests can walk home with photographic proof that they were brave enough to ride a bucking bull.

Perfect for any size party and guests of any age.

One of our most-loved Texas Longhorn steers, Redneck recently passed away from old age and we have had him made into a full-body mount. For event locations that will not allow live animals or when your clients are physically or emotionally insecure around live animals (for example, the very young or very old, fearful or handicapped), we offer Redneck as a wonderful alternative. Redneck only requires a 30" doorway. His horns are removable and his base is on removable wheels.

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