armadillo racingTexas Armadillo Racing:  

Are you kidding?

Live Armadillo Races?

That's right! In Texas it's considered the Sport of Kings!

Your event needs to surprise and delight your guests, and what better way than with an encounter with Texas' Official Small Mammal Mascot? The Armadillo!

Armadillo Races provide unique Texas fun for your event, including:

  • Racing Excitement
  • Non-competitive Competition
  • Living Decor that's Interactive
  • Show and Tell
  • An Activity at Band Breaks
  • A Sponsor Friendly Event
  • Photo Opportunities
  • A Petting Zoo for the Curious
  • Lots of Laughs and Tall Tales
  • Race Winner Bragging Rights
  • Head-scratching International Guests
  • Yankee-baiting and Teasing
  • An Excuse for Drinking Beer
  • A heart stopping race any true Texan will love, the missing ingredient from your Western themed party—its Armadillo racing!  

    Your guests will love this fun and interactive game staffed by professional and insured Armadillo wranglers.  Several armadillos are steered down the track by guests selected as jockeys. Young and old alike will love this exciting, hilarious entertainment. Armadillo milk is awarded to the winners.

    Races can continue throughout your event.  Packed with excitement, our self-contained racetrack is designed for any venue, indoors or out. Contact Wild West for some armadillo fun!

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