Western Card Sharks Card Sharks/Western Magicians/Knife Throwers/Fire Eaters:  

Our highly entertaining western magicians will astound your guests with their slight of hand and strolling magic. Our masters of magic bring the old west to today's events. Strolling magic, slight of hand and cutting edge comedy. We feature some of the best magicians in the south! Great for mix and mingling, table to table interaction and excellent for smaller groups of people.

Magical Cowboy

This magical cowboy is lean, tall dark…and FUNNY!!!

Our Western Act is a fast-paced, audience participatory Comedy Magic Show, that includes a section on how to "Talk Texas" (with audience cue cards); Amazing Magic  with knives, big playing cards  and latex; plus a BLINDFOLDED  BULLWHIP FINALE' that really gets the audience  screaming.

Wanna hear a Texan's last words?  — "Hey  ya'll, watch this!"

Card Sharks
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